The Trafalgar Chronicle New Series 8

THE TRAFALGAR CHRONICLE Biographical Portraits ‘An Officer of Great Merit’: Captain Charles Cunningham 109 and the Nore Mutiny – Andrew Field Rodney and Kempenfelt: How They Were Related 122 – Hilary L Rubinstein A dead Captain and a Sunken Ship: The Fates of Sir Jacob Wheate 130 and HMS Cerberus in Bermuda – Judith E Pearson Articles of General Interest duke of Clarence Swords – Mark Barton 141 HM Schooner WhitingAfter Her Capture in 1812: 157 The Cartagena Privateer San Francisco de Paula – George R Bandurek ‘I only wonder any civilised nation can allow them’: 174 Nelson’s Actual Opinion of Privateer – Ryan C Walker Contributors’ Biographies 191 Notes 193 The 1805 Club 208 Colour Plate section between pages 96 and 97