The Trafalgar Chronicle New Series 8

Contents President’s Foreword – Admiral Sir Jonathon Band 5 Editors’ Foreword – Judith E Pearson and John A Rodgaard 7 Articles on the 2023 Theme: The Navies of the Georgian Era – An International Perspective The Battles of Cape Finisterre, 1747 – Anthony Bruce 10 Hornet versus Peacock: The Lost Historical Significance 23 of the Single-Ship Actions of the War of 1812 – Nicholas James Kaizer Bombay Marine, the Vanguard and Precursor of the Royal Indian Navy 35 – Saikat Mondal Russian Naval Power during the Eighteenth Century 48 – Kenneth Flemming diplomacy, Restraint and Protection: The Actions of Saumarez’s 65 Baltic Fleet 1808–1812 – Andrew Venn In honour of the 500th Anniversary of the Royal Swedish Navy in 2022, three reprinted chapters for the recently published The Baltic Cauldron: Two Navies and the Fight for Freedom Introduction to Three Chapters from The Baltic Cauldron– Peter Hore 73 The Baltic Fleet 1715–1727 and Sir John Norris – Peter Hore 75 Vice Admiral Lord Nelson Threatens the Swedish Fleet 89 in Karlskrona 1801 – Christer Hägg Swedes at Trafalgar – Peter Hore 97