The Trafalgar Chronicle New Series 8

THE TRAFALGAR CHRONICLE 6 Kempenfelt, and a new personage to many readers, Captain Sir Jacob Wheate. It’s one thing to conduct in-depth research on a single, well-defined, yet littleknown topic. It’s another thing to mould that research into a tale that makes for good reading. The three authors in the general interest section have done just that. Mark Barton documents the swords with which the duke of Clarence awarded naval officers. From Professor George Bandurek we have the astonishing saga of HMS Whiting– a Royal Navy ship lost to privateering and piracy. Finally, what did Nelson think of pirates and privateers? Ryan Walker lets our readers know. This issue of theTrafalgar Chroniclecombines skilful writing on fascinating topics and a lavish selection of seventy illustrations. Again, I convey my warm congratulations and appreciation to the editors and the writers who have contributed to another fine publication of The 1805 Club! AdMIRALSIRJONATHONBANdGCB dL Former First Sea Lord President of the 1805 Club