The 1805 Club was founded in 1990 to care for the memorials of the Georgian sailing navy. They are a vital yet often neglected part of Britain's naval heritage. No other organisation is dedicated to their preservation. We:

  1. Conserve monuments and memorials relating to seafaring people of the Georgian era and in particular Admiral Lord Nelson.

    For more information on Admiral Lord Nelson please visit The 1805 Club's site

  2. Promote and publish research into the Royal Navy of the Georgian period, and especially Admiral Lord Nelson.

  3. Organise cultural and historical events for the enjoyment and edification of our membership and the public in general.


The 1805 Club is a registered charity No. 1071871

President : Admiral Sir Jonathon Band GCB DL
Chairman : Peter Warwick

Nelson - ON THIS DAY - December

14th December 1803: Vice Admiral Nelson to his elder brother William: The main Battle is over, if I'm victorious, I shall ask for my retreat - if, unfortunately to the contrary, I hope never to live to see it. In that case you will get an early Seat in the House of Lords."

15th December 1785: Captain Nelson to his elder brother William: "I am in affair way of changing my situation. The dear object you must like. Her sense, polite manners and to you I may say, beauty, you will much admire: and although at present we may not be a rich couple, yet I have not the least doubt but we shall be a happy pair:- the faith must be mine if we are not." The 'dear object' was Frances Nisbet whom Nelson married in March 1787.


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Lt William Hicks

Peter Warwick describes the Club's remarkable discovery of a unique set of artefacts from the early 18th century.

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