The Trafalgar Chronicle New Series 8

This Bermuda-built schooner was the subject of lengthy court proceedings in America because when she was sold to the United Provinces of Granada, her new captain engaged in piracy. As an apt follow-on to dr Bandurek, Ryan Walker astutely analyses what Nelson thought about privateers. On a sad note, we mourn the loss of Liam Gaul, who passed away in January 2023. We met him in 2018 when we were in Wexford, Ireland, representing the Naval Order of the US. We were there for the unveiling of a historic marker describing the US Navy’s presence in Wexford in the First World War. Liam attended the event on the behalf of the Wexford Historical Society. He was the author of Wings over Wexford, a book about US Navy patrol aircraft flying over the Irish Sea to spot German submarines. Liam was a contributor to the 2021 Trafalgar Chronicle, with a biographical portrait of John Barry, Wexford’s native son who became the Father of the US Navy. Fair celestial winds and following seas, Liam! As always, we thank all our authors for their acumen as historians, and for their expertise in making maritime history memorable and rich in detail. We admire the depth of their research, their selection of illustrations, and the quality of their writing. They were all marvellously obliging and co-operative with our questions and requests for revisions and/or clarification. They made our work as editors easy and enjoyable. Next year, 2024 will mark our fifth year as editors to this journal. We have chosen as the theme for the 2024 issue: ‘Naval Intelligence in the Georgian Era’. We also want to know about events and personalities that shaped the navies of the world, 1714–1837. If you like to write and conduct historic research about all manner of things pertaining to the maritime world of the Georgian era, send us a proposal and/or get on our email list of potential contributors. To our readers: we welcome your comments, questions, ideas, and suggestions about this issue and future issues. Please tell your friends and colleagues about the Trafalgar Chronicle. We are eager to see reviews! Our publisher, Seaforth Publishing, welcomes purchases from individuals, organisations, universities, institutes and libraries. The 1805 Club members receive the Trafalgar Chronicle as well as Dispatches digital newsletters and the biannual Kedge Anchor magazine as benefits of their membership. If you aren’t a member of The 1805 Club, please join by completing an application at our website, JUdITHE PEARSON, PHd BURKE, VIRGINIA JOHNA ROdGAARd, CAPTAINUSN, RET MELBOURNE, FLORIdA EdITORS’ FOREWORd 9