The Trafalgar Chronicle New Series 3

President’s Foreword Last year, when the Trafalgar Chroniclewas themed on the Royal Marines and the US Marine Corps, it enjoyed a record readership, principally in the United Kingdom and in the USA. While the Trafalgar Chronicle continues to gain broad recognition internationally for its scholarship and breadth of subject matter, this year’s edition focuses on the role which women and families played at sea and ashore. It may seem surprising, when so much has already been written about the age of sail, and in particular about the years leading up to and after the epic Battle of Trafalgar, but, as this edition shows, there is still much to be discovered. Further, such has been the response to the call for papers that the entire Chronicle this year is given over to the subject. There should be no surprise at the continuing interest in the age of sail as the exploits and effect of ‘Nelson’s navy’ were not only strategic but touched every stratum and aspect of society, including life at home, the relations between women and men, and the sometimes surprising adventures of women at sea. The reader will find much new research and writing about the subject which adds to our knowledge of the period. The ongoing success of the Trafalgar Chronicle marks a high tide in The 1805 Club’s publishing, which can be seen in the context of the broad range of the Club’s conservation, educational and international activities, details of which are available on the website, The contributors and the editor are warmly congratulated on another great read. ADMIRALSIRJONATHONBANDGCBDL Former First Sea Lord President of the 1805 Club 5