The Trafalgar Chronicle New Series 3

CONTENTS President’s Foreword– Admiral Sir Jonathon Band 5 Editor’s Foreword – Peter Hore 7 Women and the Sea – Margarette Lincoln 9 A Real-Life Jane Austen Heroine and her Naval Hero – Peter James Bowman 13 Questing for Cuba Cornwallis, Nelson’s Afro-Caribbean Nurse – Jo Stanley 24 Portsmouth Polls and Spithead Nymphs: Sexual Health in Nelson’s Navy – Kevin Brown 34 ‘I shall be anxious to know…’: Lives of the Indefatigable Women – Heather Noel-Smith and Lorna M Campbell 44 Women All at Sea: Soldiers’ Wives aboard Naval Transports during the Napoleonic War – David Clammer 55 When You See Thee, Remember Me, Forget Me Not – Sim Comfort 67 Utterly Charming and Adorable: Lady Nelson of the Silent Screen – Lucie Dutton 78 Four Female Ancestors: Life in Trade, Foreign Courts and Domesticity – Lily Style 90 Emma, Lady Hamilton: The Untold Story – Geoff Wright 102 Television Interview with Emma, Lady Hamilton – Joe Callo 120 3