Trafalgar Chronicle.

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  1. Editorial - Anthony Cross and Huw Lewis-Jones
  2. The Chairman's Dispatch - Peter Warwick
  3. Address to the Veteran Seamen - Charles Valentine Le Grice
  4. Pour Encourager Les Autres - Chris Ware
  5. 'By the Laws of this Realm': Legal Precedents, Discretion, and Courts - Martial in the Royal Navy, 1746-1805 - Martin Hubley
  6. 'Fine Colt', 'Cub', or 'Vile Spue'?: Recovering Captain Josiah Nisbet - Part I - John Sugden
  7. 'A Harsh, But Necessary, Apprenticeship': New French Accounts and a Previously Unknown Sketch of the Battle of Trafalgar - Peter Hicks
  8. Robert Mylne, Matthew Boulton, and the Treasure in Nelson's Tomb - Robert Ward
  9. After Nelson...Viva Collingwood! - Max Adams
  10. 'To Render an Effectual Service': Collingwood's 'Star Captains' on the Coast of Catalonia - Justin Reay
  11. The Royal Navy and Malaria, 1756-1815 - M. John Cardwell
  12. Twopence Coloured Hero: Nelson Treads the Boards - Horatio Blood
  13. Tar Triumphant: or, Thomas Potter Cooke and Nautical Melodrama - Huw Lewis-Jones
  14. Invasion Threats and the Poetic Imagining of the Nation  - Simon Bainbridge
  15. William Wordsworth's Nelson Revisited: 'Character of the Happy Warrior' and Benjamin the Waggoner - John Williams
  16. Trafalgar Old Boys: A Graphic Portrait - Huw Lewis-Jones
  17. Getting to Know Napoleon: The Beginning of a British Obsession - Christopher Woodward
  18. Patriotism and Popular Identities: Nelson Revived, 1885-1914  - Andrew Lambert
  19. The Film Star of Trafalgar: Nelsonian Imagery and Allusion in Naval Film - Jonathan Rayner
  20. John Paul Jones (1747-1792): More than a Man for his Time - Joseph F. Callo
  21. The Brief Life of Captain Lord Robert Manners, RN: Part I - A Pride of Peacocks, 1758-1780 - Stephen Howarth
  22. From the Tower at Longon Sardo: Correspondence between Lieutenant Magnon, Dr. Alexander Scott, and Lord Nelson - Part II - John R. Gwyther
  23. Wilberforce and Clarkson: Fighting the Slave Trade in Parliament and on the Road - Jonathan Harrison
  24. Nelson on Wilberforce and Slavery - Editors' Note
  25. Contributors' Biographies
  26. Notes for Contributors


  1. Editorial - Anthony Cross and Huw Lewis-Jones
  2. The Chairman's Dispatch - Peter Warwick
  3. Lily McCarthy CBE (1914-2005) - Peter Hore
  4. The Trafalgar 200 Sermon: St. Paul's Cathedral, 23 October 2005 - Richard Chartres
  5. 'Rusting Ingloriously': James Noble and Peter Spicer, Nelson's 'St. Vincent Heroes' - John Sugden
  6. In the Footsteps of the Hero: Nelson at the Admiralty in London - Justin Reay
  7. 'Ever, With Real Esteem...': Continuing the Nelson Letters Project - Colin White
  8. 'This Exposed Maritime County': East Sussex and the Preparation for Invasion 1803-04 - Kevin Linch
  9. Expeditionary Armies and Naval Power: The North German Campaign, 1805-06 - Richard Harding
  10. Primary Sources: Notice of the Execution of William White - Anthony Cross
  11. Nelson, Invasion Scares, and Film in 1939-45: That Hamilton Woman - John Ramsden
  12. Evidence of Absence: An Offence Against the Nation, Part II - Anthony Cross
  13. A Sailor of the King's Navy: William Wheldon (1783-1805) - David Wheldon
  14. Georgian Naumachias: Parkland Celebrations of British Naval Supremacy - Patrick Eyres
  15. Looking at Logbooks: Science and the Nelsonian Legacy - Dennis Wheeler
  16. From the Tower of Longon Sardo: Correspondence between Lieutenant Magnon, Dr. Alexander Scott, and Lord Nelson, Part I - John R. Gwyther
  17. Victualling Ship: A Comparison - David Harris
  18. Restoring Nelson: A Research Note - Huw Lewis-Jones and Adrian Attwood
  19. 'The Story is Admirably Told': The Nelson Pictures by Richard Westall R.A. (1765-1836) - Richard Westall
  20. Victory by Constable: A Rejoinder - Charles Addis
  21. The Nelson Portraits: Addendum II, 2006 - Richard Walker
  22. Napoleon and the Fondation Napoleon - Peter Hicks
  23. Contributors' Biographies
  24. Notes for Contributors


  1. Editorial - Anthony Cross and Huw Lewis-Jones
  2. The Chairman's Dispatch - Peter Warwick
  3. President's Address - Lily McCarthy
  4. 'The Immortal Memory': Trafalgar Night, The Painted Hall, Greenwich, 150th Anniversary, 21 October 1955 - Earl Mountbatten
  5. Nelson's Last Morning: 21 October 1805 - Colin White
  6. The Difficulty of Reconstructing the Battle of Trafalgar - Tim Clayton
  7. Vice-Admiral Villeneuve - David Harris
  8. Gravina and the Naval Leadership of his Day - Agustin Guimera
  9. Nelson's Avenger at Trafalgar - Jack Spence
  10. 'System and Nice Combination': Nelson the Fighting Sailor - Peter Freeman
  11. 'I'll sing of fam'd Trafalgar if you'll listen unto me': Nelson in Popular Song - Mark Philp
  12. Nelson and the Bear: The Making of an Arctic Myth - Huw Lewis-Jones
  13. Mary Simpson: A New Look at Nelson's First Love - John Sugden
  14. Nelson and the Bronte Estate - Jane Knight
  15. Nelson and Agostino Millelire - John R. Gwyther
  16. Details of Illustrated Coloured Plates - Sir John Gray, Louis Roeder, and Peter Hore
  17. The Strategic and Tactical Applications of the Telegraph at Trafalgar - Howard Mallinson
  18. Victory in Art and the Constable Sketches - Robin Brooks
  19. Romantic Nelsons Rule the Waves: The Naval Hero in Literature - Tim Fulford
  20. Making a Victorian Nelson: Albert, Nicolas, and the Arts - Andrew Lambert
  21. The Navy League's Invention of Trafalgar Day - Marianne Czisnik
  22. 'In spite of lip service and tall columns he is half forgotten': A Brief Revisit to the Trafalgar Centenary Celebrations - Adam Oliver
  23. Not a Patch on the Original? Nelson's Black Eye - Richard Walker and Huw Lewis-Jones
  24. Nelson's Character: A Further Note - Richard D. Ryder
  25. Significant Dates Replay Nelson's Traumatic Childhood Bereavement: A Note - Robert Oxlade
  26. The Nelson Portraits: Addendum 2005 - Richard Walker
  27. Book Reviews
  28. Contributors' Biographies