Sunday - 7th January 2018 - The Immortal Memory to Admiral, Lord Nelson              

The Reverend Pat Mann, Chaplain of The ORNC Chapel, welcomed members of The 1805 Club and Emma Hamilton Society, before making a special welcome to Mr and Mrs Raglan Tribe, their daughter Emma, and Ana and David Bullock - of whom, Raglan, Emma and David are direct descendants of Admiral Lord Nelson and Emma,  Lady Hamilton.  We were also honoured with the presence of The Mayor of The Royal Borough of Greenwich, Cllr Peter Brook and The Mayor of Neston, Cllr Pat Kynaston as well as Rear Admiral Brian Perowne CB RN.

The excellent sermon was given by The Venerable Ian Wheatley, Chaplain of The Fleet. This was followed by The Mass with Haydn's Nelson Mass by The ORNC Chapel Choir under Dr Allwood. After a wonderful service we were all in The Queen Mary Undercroft for Morning coffee. It was a lovely chance to mix and mingle.

We were then taken across to The Admiral's House in The King Charles wing. Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy lived in The Admiral's House with his family, when he was The Governor of The Greenwich Hospital in the 1830s. During this time a regular visitor for Sunday Morning Service were King William IVth and Queen Adelaide if a Naval Victory fell on a Sunday. Admiral Hardy died whilst Governor and is buried in Greenwich amongst other Royal Naval Officers.

The Reverend Mann made The Naval Grace before we enjoyed an excellent Sunday lunch. Over coffee Anthony Cross explained Tom Bowling by Charles Dibden before tenor Andrew Woodmansey gave us an excellent, poignant rendition of Tom Bowling. Andrew is in The Chapel Choir and a Trinity College Student.

Cllr Peter Brooks then addressed us as he was born on 29th September, Nelson's Birthday. This was followed with The Loyal Toast given by Peter Warwick, Chairman of The 1805 Club. Raglan Tribe gave a lovely light insight about growing up in the shadow of a National Hero before proposing The Toast to his 4thGreat Grandmother, Emma, Lady Hamilton. Rear Admiral Brian Perowne CB then rose and gave us an excellent talk about his life The Royal Navy and The Nelson connections even till today.

The Bell was then rung by Reverend Mann and a minute's silence followed before Rear Admiral Perowne gave the toast toThe Immortal Memory to Admiral Lord Nelson. It was very poignant within Admiral's House where Admiral Hardy and so many other Governors of Greenwich Hospital had lived. It was a fitting end to a very poignant but happy day for all attending.

Our thanks to all involved in making The Immortal Memory continue whilst the Painted Hall is closed, especially The Greenwich Foundation and The ORNC Chapel. Thanks to all at Ampersand Caterers for sponsoring The Immortal Memory and Lunch.

Genevieve St George                                       Anthony Cross

Mayor, Pat Mann of Neston, Chaplain at ORNC Venerable lan Wheatley, The Chaplain of The Royal Navy, Raglan Tribe and David Bullock both Emma Nelson descendants.

Cllr Peter Brooks, Mayor of Royal Borough of Greenwich; Cllr Pat Kynaston, Mayor of Neston; Rev Pat Mann, Chaplain of ORNC Chapel; Venerable Ian Wheatley, Admiral of the Fleet; Raglan Tribe and David Bullock both Emma and Nelson descendants.

Andrew Woodmansey, Trinity College student, performing Tom Bowling .

Peter Warwick speaking.

Rear Admiral Perowne making the toast to The Immortal Memory

Acknowledgement :
Photographs by Graham Hitchen
Commodore of
The Nelson Boat Club