Conferences organised by the The 1805 Club


Monday 11 December 2017  - An inaugural Conservation Symposium in Portsmouth

The 1805 Club with the National Museum of The Royal Navy hosted an innovative conservation symposium on Monday the 11 December 2017 at HM Naval Base Portsmouth. The museum's historic naval base and unique collection of ships was the perfect setting for the occasion. 

We hope that this will be the first of a series of symposiums during the coming years connected with the very important subject of conservation and restoration.   Full details will be posted in 2018.


Friday 3 and Saturday 4 October - 1805 Club Conference in Menorca

An 1805 Club Conference entitled Menorca and the Naval Strategy in the Western Mediterranean, 1779-1859. 

This event will be held in Menorca as part of a programme of organised visits to historic naval buildings.

Full details and information of this visit and conference will be published in the next Kedge Anchor  and available on-line in the Members' Area.  


2 and 3 December 2011 -  Naval Leadership in the Age of Sail (1750-1840)

                 The 1805 Club is a partner and sponsor in this three-year programme of naval historical conferences,                  which started this December in Portsmouth, UK. The conferences are about Naval Leadership in the                  Age of Sail and are truly international in terms of their speakers. This conference also inaugurated                  the annual Colin White Memorial Lecture. The sponsors are: The Society for Nautical Research,                  The 1805 Club, the National Museum of the Royal Navy (with its link to the Friends of the Royal Naval                  Museum), Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación and Cosejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas,                  Spain, and The Gunroom-HMS Surprise.

                 The Introductary Lecture by Peter Warwick, Chair of The 1805 Club is now now available on-line.

                 The other conference papers will be available on-line in due course.



13 September - Collingwood Conference

                 This Conference was held at The Maritime Warfare School, HMS Collingwood, Fareham, Hampshire.   

                 Conference Papers are not yet available, but to see the programme please click here.

7 June   Commodore Anson's voyage round the world from 1740 to 1744 and its aftermath

                 This Conference washeld at The Medical Society of London.    

                 Conference Papers are now available on-line