Topmen raise funds for The 1805 Club's projects

How you can become a Top Man (or Woman)

Topmen. This was originally the name given to those men who worked aloft in a sailing ship of the Georgian era. In the words of a sailor of the time, Samuel Leech, 'Each task has its man, and each man his place'.  Of these tasks that of top man carried status, since these sailors had mastered their art. They could climb the rigging to furl and unfurl sails with amazing surety in all weathers and remain aloft for hours at a time, often in the most alarming of conditions. They knew every single line of the ship's running and standing rigging and could make full sail in a first rate ship, like Victory, in just six minutes. Their skill proved to be a critical factor in the Royal Navy's supremacy during the Georgian sailing era.

You can now become a Top Man (or Woman).

The 1805 Club is recruiting Top Men; people prepared to make a longer term commitment to the conservation of the graves and memorials of Georgian naval heroes.  They are a vital yet often neglected part of Britain's naval heritage. No other organisation is dedicated to their preservation. The task is to say the least challenging and the Club is always confronted by more work than its relatively meagre resources can fulfil. Therefore, we are now actively looking for ways to increase our resources and predicted cash flow for conservation and the recruitment of Top Men is an important aspect of this. Without your support we risk losing these memorials. What Nelson have made of that?  

You are invited to become a Top Man (or Woman) of The 1805 Club

By completing the registration form and agreeing to pledge £100 each year for the next five years for the conservation work of The 1805 Club, in particular the Nile and Copenhagen Captains' Memorial, your name will take its place on the register of Top Men (or Women).

Becoming a Top Man will entitle you to have a half page entry in The 1805 Club 'Roll of Honour', which will be displayed at Club events and kept electronically in the Members' area of the Club's website. You will, therefore, be associated with the conservation of memorials to Georgian naval heroes for evermore.

You will also receive a personal Certificate signed by The Club's President, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band GCB DL, acknowledging your support.

You are not legally obligated to pledge or raise the £100 each year, but if you do then you shall be entered into the Roll of Honour. If you prefer to make a smaller donation, you may name a Top Man who you are supporting and be entered in the category of Able Seaman.

Top Men will continue to receive special benefits from time to time, in addition to those of ordinary members, including an annual event exclusively for the Top Men. 

You are encouraged you to take part in this scheme which will connect you with the ongoing history of the Georgian sailing navy's heroes and allow The1805 Club to plan ahead with an increased and predicted cash flow.

Top Men funds will be used exclusively for The 1805 Club's projects.

To register please print out and complete the Topmen form which you can find and download here.